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  • Zen Gem oil

    Choose from Gems signature calming blend, base note lavender, or the energising blackberry blend essential oils. 10ml bottles
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  • Inner Glow

    As a woman in this world you know that life is complicated--and sometimes it can feel like it's weighing us down. When anxiety, poor habits, and stress become the decision-makers in our lives, we lose touch with our needs, our goals, and our dreams. In order to navigate our daily lives clearly and with purpose we must first get in touch with our higher selves. It's time to connect to the world spiritually, mindfully, and find our peace.

    Introducing Inner Glow, a comprehensive guided tour inward and upward for the modern woman. Offering up tips, tricks, daily practices, and exercises on a range of important topics that touch on essential areas of personal growth and development. From spirituality to practicing gratitude, and ways to reduce anxiety, there's something for every woman no matter where you are in your journey. We know that inner peace and clarity can't be scheduled on demand, so this unique guidebook allows for you to do the work at your own pace. Why? Well, because you deserve to find bliss. You are worthy and you are divine. So now's the time to get in touch with your inner self and create the world you've imagined.

  • Hydrate, Meditate, Masturbate T shirt

    White Zen Gem T shirt . Unisex. Please send message with size and class collection details. Postage available on request at extra fee