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    How connected do you truly feel to your body? Are you moving your body from a place of love and respect? Do you feel comfortable in your own skin? These classes guide you to honour and feel gratitude for your body, cultivating a union of body and mind

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    Hi, I'm Gem, playful, clumsy, sweet toothed, flawed, lover of movement, outdoors, the ocean and dogs.
    I host Free yoga sundays at Rochester castle, yoga at the beach at St Andrews lakes, hot yoga, yoga flow and beautiful workshops in Medway.
    I believe yoga is for everyone, so focus on inclusive language and offering modifications. Our bodies are here to be celebrated and honoured. When you step into a class with me, you can expect to be greeted warmly by your new yogi community, we will all champion you on your journey, holding you in a safe space as you connect to your body and your breath.

    I cant wait to meet you
    Gem x

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    Receiving coaching is not a luxury, you deserve to live a fulfilled life, free of anxiety and boredom, full of joy and purpose. A coach guides you to reveal the truths you want to accept, to share your blind spots, to champion you from the side-lines, helping you to lead a more meaningful life.

    With my coaching I can help you to achieve your greatest desires, and unveil the goals you have been too afraid to acknowledge. If you have felt stuck in a rut, or have lost a sense of direction and purpose, or simply need a confidence boost in order to pursue goals (for example getting that promotion at work), then I can guide you there
    We will work together using proven bespoke methods to recognise your barriers and break them down to allow you to move forward, in a positive way, aligned with your values.

    My clients report a more fulfilled life, being increasingly present with loved ones, a greater level of happiness in their day to day lives, and retaining the ability to stay focused during challenging or changing times.

    I have a decade of experience guiding and coaching clients to manage both their professional and personal goals.

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